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Toronto’s March Against Monsanto with Press For Truth Thumbnail Image.

Toronto’s March Against Monsanto with Press For Truth

Reported On » May 27, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, Video Reports
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On May 25th 2013 the people of Toronto and others all over the world rallied together for the Global March Against Monsanto! Thousands of people in Toronto took to the streets to put Monsanto on notice that we will do everything in our power to eradicate their monopoly and to return to a safe and sound non GMO food supply.

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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    Lets get back to growing our own food and let Monsanto eat cake. Wholesome food is absolutely vital to good health. Packaged processed food is garbage and should never be eaten unless its easier to do. The back bone of this country is the Farmer because we cannot live without them. Find a market garden or Farmers market, the Hutterite’s, anyone who sells fresh food. Grow anything and everything if you are able. Do not waste veggy peelings but make them work as fertilizer after storing them to go to mulch, even grass clippings will make a garden grow better. Yes it takes some working knowledge to make a garden grow but in time you will make it work. Store all available heritage seeds because they are trying to make seeds which terminate at seasons end. Water, sunshine and some elbow grease is what needed. Good luck .

  2. Julie Snider says:

    It was a wonderful peacful march, and the cops were great!1 I was just flabergasted that there was not one mention in

    • Julie Snider says:

      I was cut off! I’m amazed that Now magazine didn’t say a peep about it! Come on, what is that all about? They have a wee blurb on the GMO alfalfa protest, but nothing on us…sad

  3. Dave J. says:

    Video created during the March Against Monsanto by the folks in Lansing, Michigan USA. “GMO’s in One Word”.


  4. nicole says:

    I haven’t a clue what you are see in this Video lol .the Police were talking amongst themselves is not a bad light … They felt it was a peaceful demonstration, and acted accordingly . Strange statement .really ….We had one Police officer at ours, He sat in his car .I am proud the way Canadians Protested they were respectful and So were our Police force …..Bravo to both !!!!!!

  5. Rachel Li says:

    I attended Toronto’s march against Monsanto. I was there between 2 and 4. This cause is very dear to me and I really like the terminology of one man featured in this video. “Genetically Vandalized Organisms”. It was a peaceful march and from what I saw the police that were in attendance were keeping traffic out of the way. I feel that this video is depicting the police presence in a sinister light. That is wrong. The police were directing traffic. Their jobs require them to maintain peace at events such as these and no one but them knows what’s in their minds. They may be as concerned as the rest of us about GMOs. The thing that I felt was profoundly sinister was the absence of mainstream media, both at the march and the coverage on the news since. Very grateful for your coverage of this event but please stick to the truth of the matter. Without police presence I wouldn’t consider bringing my children to a demonstration.

    • DanDicks says:

      I didn’t depict the police in a sinister light in anyway in this video, I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion because I included shots of them there. I am certainly not against the police and am grateful that they facilitated the march to ensure it ran smoothly. I’m rather surprised that you thought about that from watching this video!

      • Rachel Li says:

        It was the sinister music and the seemingly “us” and “them” shots that prompted this comment.

        • Western Canadian says:

          Sorry Rachel I didn’t see that either. I realize some media outlets will do that when they want to spin something but that was not intent in this video.

  6. Ben says:

    It sucks the mainstream media has pretty much ignored the event it seems!
    Just goes to show the news / media only shows what fits with the corporate sponsers agenda and hides other things that it doesn’t like. I thought the news was supposed to be unbiased.


    • Mary Falk says:

      Ben, those days are gone, Before 1990 there used to be over 400 different media companies in the USA, now there are around 4 due to deregulation of the broadcast industry. . That just about sums it up.

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