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The Day We Fight Back! Washington State Reps vs The NSA! Thumbnail Image.

The Day We Fight Back! Washington State Reps vs The NSA!

Reported On » February 13, 2014
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On February 11th 2014 for the “Day We Fight Back” global protest while in Olympia Washington Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews David Taylor, Jason Overstreet and Matthew Shea, three state representatives who are taking on the NSA with bill HB2272 which seeks to block the NSA’s spying program in the state of Washington.

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  1. jazz ridez says:

    How ’bout a published list of ALL NSA employees names, addresses and any known phone numbers and their kids and parents info so we can see who they ‘the enemy’ are and where we can find them. Tag numbers on any vehicles they own and operate, where they shop and any church’s, if they go. This is nothing more or less than they have on US.

  2. Bill Tarapaski says:

    I appreciate all your efforts since I am a vocal supporter, and the American cause is consistent with the Canadian cause, but why is there not more content from Canada. There is even more intrusion in Canada. We have a political system that is not answerable to the public and the erosion of liberties is further advanced than down south. It would even be helpful if you publicized the intrusions in detail. One example is gun control which seems to be dictated by the RCMP and not parliament. Another grave infringement is the policy where a police officer can order a mental evaluation of anyone for any reason. This has happened to an acquaintance recently, an evaluation that she passed. There was absolutely no basis for this evaluation.

    We need to wake up Canada since our destiny seems to coincide with the American one.

    Also, after watching the documentary from the G20 conference in Toronto, I was particularly interested that the Toronto police use civilians (they call them private contractors). This is just a smoke screen for planted snitches in the community. Singapore has been using this system for many years. The population can not say anything against the government for the simple reason of not knowing who the snitches are. They also have designated protest areas where you can publicly complain about the government (generally a 1 square meter pedestal in the park)

  3. John says:

    Hey Great job! Good interview, professionally done. One suggestion: It would be great in video editing if you placed a small text banner onscreen of the legislator’s names that you’re interviewing while talking to them.

    Keep up the good work


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