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The Canadian Cannabis Connection – Patients of the MMAR Thumbnail Image.

The Canadian Cannabis Connection – Patients of the MMAR

Reported On » December 10, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, Video Reports
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On this episode of TheCCC Dan Dicks of Press For Truth delves deep into the world of medicinal cannabis by speaking with patients of the MMAR program who’s lives depend on having reasonable access to this medicine as guaranteed to them in the charter of rights and freedoms. The Canadian government is proposing to repeal the mmar program with changes that could be life threatening for some of the people in this video and for many of the 40 thousands current participants of this program.

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  1. Jebus says:

    Just watched a surprisingly eye-opening documentary called “Bad Seed: A Tale…” I thought I knew a lot about marijuana, which I love, But this doc. really schooled me and made me realize what an amazing little plant this cannabis just is. Ridiculous amount of medicinal value!!! And I finally understand why it was outlawed for certain wealthy people’s interests in the prohibition era, while the much more dangerous alcohol was again allowed to be widely distributed…. not even gonna get in to the other things that were legal at the time… Open your fuckin’ eyes, people!!!! And I say this in the most respective way, but ‘ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY!!!!”

    p.s. I knew a lot of this stuff already, but this documentary explained a lot and filled in a lot of the missing holes, for me at least.

  2. Norm longstaff says:

    I have bin a. Patient for three years now now that the new regime is here there’s no way I can afford 1500 g month. Plus the three years of training I took to become a grower of my own medicine. I want to thank you for all the knowledge that you showed me through your website. Happy holidays and will keep in touch.

  3. charlie says:

    like to no why there was no acknowledge to donation past sent ??

  4. Ken Davidson says:

    Denver just passed a law allowing 12 plants per household!!!come on Canada, wake up and smell the coffee before bad events happen.

    Why should people be labelled and face jail time because they’re smoking pot..

    What if its your kid who get.. s busted..

    As legal growers we have had our doors kicked in by the RCMP.. All this stupidity has to stop and the rights of the individual has to be recognized,

  5. Ken Davidson says:

    i am a DG and my son is a legal patient. We have to repeal Harpers law so that Canadians have peace of mind,,

    We are Canada and must be heard around the world.

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