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Dick Cheney in Toronto – “The Blood Is On Your Hands” Thumbnail Image.

Dick Cheney in Toronto – “The Blood Is On Your Hands”

Reported On » November 04, 2013
Archived In » Video Reports
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On Halloween of 2013 Dan Dicks from Press For Truth speaks with protesters, activists and war resisters about Dick Cheney’s visit to Toronto Canada. Cheney is considered by many to be a war criminal for his role in the illegal invasions of middle eastern countries and for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians.

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  1. Tracy Scanlon says:

    Why nobody never tried to assassinate that SOB is beyond me.So much for terrorism.

  2. Jim Sinclair says:

    I’d heard he cancelled his trip to Canada!…Imagine my shock, dismay and disgust to find that he actually came here and wasn’t arrested!! If I Had been in Toronto I would have arrested him myself!…That man is wanted for crimes against humanity, and Canada has the OBLIGATION to arrest him and put him on trial!

    This means that the Attorney General of Canada, in not issuing a warrant is nothing short of a traitor who aids and abets wanted criminals. HE should now be arrested and charged with obstructing justice for allowing this travesty of to occur on Canadian soil!!

  3. darlene says:

    I’m reading the book called blackwater by scahill , very interesting thing happened when i went to the library to get it three times they gave me the wrong book finally they got it right , lol . Keep up the good work dan telling the stories the MSN will not . Cheney is one evil man and should be sitting in jail but then we know he’s a player in the globalist wars and they never go to jail . ty dan

  4. caroline chipman jonsson says:

    Yes, cheney is evil – but wake up Canada! the queen has been brought up on criminal charges and yet you let her in?… She too is a war criminal…
    The queen was involved in the genocide of many first nation children…
    We are all being controlled by a sick group of individuals who run the world through controlling the money… we all need to wake up!
    oh and yes.. and fyi…she didn’t act alone…

  5. ramesh chandra mehra says:

    so nice

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