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The Arrest Of Dean Clifford Thumbnail Image.

The Arrest Of Dean Clifford

Reported On » February 12, 2013
Archived In » Press For Truth TV
Comments On This Story » 4 Comments

Freeman on the land Dean Clifford was recently arrested and placed in a maximum security prison. Today we are joined by Robert Menard to get an update on the latest information in regards to this case.

For more info visit DeanClifford.ca

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  1. Rob says:

    You really shouldn’t be calling people racists when they are not, and the only proof you have are tongue in cheek trolling posts. If you understand satire you would not label him as a racist.

  2. Stone Ozzy says:

    Deans website bn changed to yeahyeah.com o_O
    thx Dan & Rob for the Update’ :)

    • Mike says:

      Kinda low linking to a hit article like the one you linked here when they don’t even allow reader comments without going through them one by one and censoring them…

      Ironically the post itself links to the hack job interview from CBC as well, among other forum posts taken out of context, which the author poorly attempted to cut out but did a really poor job since you can see several quotes that indicate the replies are indeed out of context.

      More divide and conquer BS, anyone that reads this lengthy hit piece can clearly see after the first few pages that the actual “hatred” lies with the author.
      Don’t bother leaving a comment on his portal either…, anything that doesn’t match their opinion will not pass the censor.

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