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Military Drills Set For Ontario September 12th to 16th! Thumbnail Image.

Military Drills Set For Ontario September 12th to 16th!

Reported On » September 06, 2012
Archived In » Press For Truth TV
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The Canadian military is getting set to conduct drills which are designed to train military personal in “domestic operations” for urban civilian populations. The drills are set to take place in Hawkesbury Ontario from Septemeber 12th to the 16th! More and more training operations like this have been occurring all over the world as TPTB are preparing for the possibility of a massive revolution in the face of the global awakening that is currently taking place.

300 Canadian Forces Military Police To Descend on Hawkesbury

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  1. Bob Bitchin says:

    @ Mike… We all know the Military does “training exercises” and yeah, they even do the odd “dog and pony show” for the public.. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. The concern obviously stems from the TYPE of training and the PURPOSE of that training we can see happening over the last few years.

    There has been many recent reports out of the United States showing American Military participating in joint Police operations, policing American citizens which you probably know is in legal contradiction with the Posse Comitatus Act. We are quickly seeing Canada following in the footsteps of our American neighbours, so it is of no surprise to hear that the Canadian Military is getting set to conduct drills which are designed to train Military personal in “domestic operations” for urban civilian populations.

    I’ve had a chance to visit a few countries that utilize the Military to police the citizens. Those countries are great places to visit if you’re the lucky stiff that gets to lay around at a resort all day. Living amongst it however, just wreaks of a 3rd World, Banana Republic. A lower standard of living/quality of life, a society ‘walking on eggshells’.. it’s nothing pretty and certainly nothing to be proud of. I’m always happy after a visit in places like this despite the many beautiful sights, to return home to Canada.

    We have something special here, you know it and I know it.. let us all do what we can to insure it stays this way!
    No Banana Republic For Canada!! :-)

    • Dale Barry says:

      Good stuff, I enjoyed your insight. You have a handle on whats up or for lack of words, whats coming down. Chris Hedges latest interview on the infowars featured stories is a good rundown for the uninformed. I feel many people in the public forum believe such things as agenda 21 and military intervention on public civilians is for the good of the people. However history has proven this not to be so. Write your Pri minister write your premier or congress or whomever. I know this saying is as old as the hills, but bad people prosper when decent people do nothing.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m sorry, but you are an idiot. Dont confuse poor folks who cant do some research for themselves..

    Those “Tampa military excerises” were actually Special forces competition between different countries. It was VERY public, as you can see there are bunch of civilians watching it. They even had speakers announcing what will happen next. It was pretty much a show for the people..

    “Police are for the people and military is to fight an enemy”.. Well Military is fighting the enemy FOR THE PEOPLE (sometimes just the rich 1% of the people).. and police are for the people to fight their LOCAL ENEMY (robbers and rapists, etc..) Why do you think SWAT has similar or even better equipment than the military? To fight those local highly armed enemies.. So whats your problem?

    Military excerise is next to Montreal probably to practice for Quebec trying to separate from Canada..

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