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DVD – The Turning Point

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The Turning Point DVDYou have been selected to attend the 60th Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31 – June 3, 2012. This conference brings together leaders of business, economics, media, finance, politics and military in a forum which will allow for open and off the record discussions of current events and global issues.

I must stress that this meeting is SECRET and by invitation only. We operate under Chatham House Rules, meaning you are not permitted to discuss anything that is said during the conference to The Turning Point DVDmembers of the media or otherwise.

Please keep all of your arrangements confidential, including all of the information included herein. In recent years we have lost much of our control over the dissemination of information due to the rise of independent media sources and internet-based journalists. We intend to correct this problem and plan to discuss it at this year’s conference.


The Turning Point – A Press For Truth Production

Produced and written by:
Steven Davies, Bryan Law and Dan Dicks
Edited by Steven Davies and Bryan Law
Music by Dan Dicks

The Turning Point on DVD contains a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and the making of the soundtrack. We are releasing this film for free on youtube. We’re offering a DVD of this film for under $10 to those who would like to support our work. We fully encourage you to make copies of the DVD to give to friends, family and strangers.

Price: $9.95

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  1. I am a new anitiate to this way of thinking. I am broadminded but I have more questions than
    answerer’s, I am looking for recommendations to web sites what or ever you think my help my journey

  2. I have had the pleasure of witnessing this phenomenon unfold before my eyes..this freemasonic..reptillian..chinese trilogy….of movement..communication…radiation…Sound vibration…all attacking our senses…to mind control us all…i live in Toronto..Ontario…a place where you can buy drugs anywhere..but dont expose the Illuminati…which…i keep doing..exposing them…i cant seem to get this film on my android..but i am sure it exposes all i already know…thank you…more ppl should step up ..

  3. Edward van poucke says:

    How.do we.get.to meet.people.who are in the.same mindsets as me and.all in the anove comments

  4. David Baker says:

    We need to inform EVERYONE if we can get them to watch this the fall of the republic, the Obama Deception, pay attention to Alex Jones and actually see these scumbags for what they truly are we will have a fighting chance to regain control of our country and our future!!!

  5. James Hunter says:

    This presents very important information and i support it entirely. But the backgroud music is VERY distracting. At some points it makes it almost impossible to listen to what is being said. The material itself is interesting enough. maybe a little music at transitional points would be OK, but get rid of most of it.

    Please take this as a positive criticism from someone who supports your project.


  6. Justin Dunn says:

    I can’t wait to watch this, and share it with my peers.

  7. rainhard pitschke says:

    well done Dan! My studies started with zietgiest, 9/11, etc. Was jailed at the G20. Now involved with legal/lawful actions. Am 61 years young and feel like it’s the 60′s and I woke up from a dream….to a fucking nightmare! Lol. My grown kids think I’m crazy….oh well… Call on me for any other help you need (very limited financial means) but am an accomplished artist and write well.

  8. Scotty Salter says:

    I’m looking forward to this new production, they are all so good. Thank you for your dedication and crusade. We’re gaining on em for sure!!!

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