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Govt Crackdown on Alternative Media with Dan Dicks Thumbnail Image.

Govt Crackdown on Alternative Media with Dan Dicks

Reported On » August 14, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, PFT Interviewed
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Alex welcomes Press for Truth filmmaker Dan Dicks to discuss film making in America, the harassment of press by authorities and the constitutional rights being violated regularly by authorities.

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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    Since the mainstream media is in bed with Globalist agenda’s they no longer serve as public news reporters. Never believe these media’s because they are mainly leftist news reports spinning the news to support the Elite. Do not trust them at all. First their is too little control over this empire who is sleeping with the Globalist agenda. They will not print news of anything transpiring in our nation concerning the N.W.O, N.A.U, SPP or what ever news agenda they may have. They are cowardly agents of disinformation to keep you sleeping. Canadians are good people fooled by Harper and his butt kissing Agenda 21. He is a totalitarian leader whose efforts to keep the people uninformed is working. Try and get any of the main stream media to print anything controversial and they will run like the cowards they are. They lie and grovel to Harpers wishes and such is the way of the Ethan Allen’s of this society who we know was a turncoat against the people.

  2. Canadian Kid says:

    Oh sorry not to mention the excellent videos you guys put out :)

  3. Canadian Kid says:

    Hey Dan you and Alex keep that armor on. The tongue is a powerful weapon.

  4. michael matthews says:

    Thanks to Alex Jones,And Dan Dicks for all your hard work,peace and love!

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