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Canada accused of exploiting terror-related incidents Thumbnail Image.

Canada accused of exploiting terror-related incidents

Reported On » April 25, 2013
Archived In » PFT Interviewed
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Concocting terrorism-related incidents to justify unpopular political policies is a well known tactic of Western governments. And this week Canadians appear to have fallen victim, yet again, to that tactic. Even opposition members of parliament have suggested that the recent explosions in Boston and a so called “foiled terror plot” in Canada are being exploited by the Harper government to ram yet more unconstitutional anti-terrorism legislation through parliament.

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  1. Dan, although this story may be true. Press TV out of Iran is a state propaganda tool and letting them use your integrity now to make and promote a true and valid point may come back to bite you in the ass later. Play with dogs and you may find flea’s in your bed my friend.

    • Syl says:

      Hands down to you for bringing up this story into the true spotlight that it belongs in! People are not even needing to be woken up to the fake false flags anymore, but are now being insulted by the true BOREDOM of it all! As for the comment of Lawrence McCurry, who do you work for exactly and how much are they paying you? And why on earth would you say what you just did, it almost sounded like a subtle threat? Play with dogs and you may find flea’s in your bed my friend. (MY FRIEND?) Really?!?!?! Who cares where it is out of as long as the TRUTH IS BEING WRITTEN! Besides not all of us are being brainwashed by the governments typical Muslim propaganda nonsense, that one to has LONG outrun its lying course. Seriously Canada if you want to fool your people you should have planned this one out ALOT BETTER! We see what is happening south of the border and they are being caught and exposed and you try the same crap? PLEASE! zzzzzzzzzzz’s

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