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Agora Interview with Dan Dicks from Press for Truth Thumbnail Image.

Agora Interview with Dan Dicks from Press for Truth

Reported On » February 25, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, PFT Interviewed
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The New Agora interviews Dan Dicks in Vancouver during his cross country tour. Dan talks about the origins of Press for Truth, his thoughts on the most important contemporary topics, his new film, and what the future holds.

Filmed by Dom Pol
Interview by James MacDonald


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  1. darlene says:

    TY dan keep up the good fight . I’m still in the learning phase as i just woke up right after i heard of the robo calls , that was the start of my trip down the rabbit hole , it’s been one eye opening experience after another for me. I should tell you i’ve always believed in my goverment to do the right thing , boy was i wrong lol , i’m an old lady and i am sad to see the state of my country since harper got into power . More and more people are begining to realize the scope of things in this world today , keep waking them up . TY .

  2. Alberta Liberty says:

    I think if people realized how the banking system works and how private banks have calculated interest from people there would be revolution over night. We could always follow the guide line of God and bring in the year of jubilee. That in itself would destroy greed and allow people to clear the debt off the table and start again. Gotta realize God knew how out of control humans could become. I think that is the biggest fight humans are up against!!!!!

  3. Alberta Liberty says:

    Good work Dan, I’m sure many people are wondering around out there hoping they could be a positive influence for the betterment of peoples lives. Keeper up:)

  4. Karla Broadfoot says:

    Dan rocks… Keep up the good fight folks!

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