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Activists Labelled “Terrorists” By Canadian Government – Press TV Thumbnail Image.

Activists Labelled “Terrorists” By Canadian Government – Press TV

Reported On » February 20, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, PFT Interviewed
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The idea of characterizing activists as terrorists might conjure up images of the worst totalitarian regimes. But, previously unseen documents accessed via a freedom of information request reveal that the Canadian Security Intelligence Services are seemingly broadening the definition of terrorism to encompass certain types of activists.

Activists say that the Canadian state’s conflation of activism with terrorism is an indication of the Orwellian nature of the post-9/11 world order. Canada’s government is currently invading and occupying foreign countries while concurrently eroding own domestic democratic rights, such as the right to protests, and all of this done in the name of combating terrorism, even though statistics show that one is more likely to die from lightening than from terrorism in North America.

Critics say that North American elites require a widespread perception of a terrorist threat so as to justify their, otherwise unpalatable, economic and political agendas.

Analysts note that the Canadian police have been caught infiltrating protest movements and acting as agent provocateurs in recent history. They wonder whether the state sponsored false-flag incidents will arise in the future in Canada to justify the rounding up of activists and dissidents who oppose political and economic policies of Canada’s ruling class.

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    I’m Canadian and I live in China. I refuse to live in Canada and have ten fold more everyday freedoms here than I would in Canada. No BS, that’s just the reality of my life. I’m done with all the ridiculous amount of laws, incredible expensive goods, no employment opportunities, and the nanny police state.

  2. George says:

    You guys are a bunch of socialist loving communist. The Harper goverment is the best thing that ever happened to Canada sence Brain Mulroney

  3. Alberta Liberty says:

    An immoral government is a dictatorship and without a society of morality there will be chaos. There have been many leaders that pretend to use religion to justify their own means but this will not wash with any spirit filled people. They can see through this and hate it even more that those types will even use God in their deviance. It is hard for a Christian leader to get through this and being gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent most certainly comes with the territory.

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