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The R[Evolution]: 1900-1905 Thumbnail Image.

The R[Evolution]: 1900-1905

Reported On » May 05, 2013
Archived In » PFT Global
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The Federal Reserve’s inception was inspired with the mere stroke of President William McKinley’s fountain pen. Aside from the Founding Fathers, President Theodore Roosevelt was an influential insurgent who championed progressivism. The National Defense Authorization Act would be nonexistent if Cuba was never granted ‘independence’ by the United States. “Teddy” Roosevelt, championing realpolitik, consented to the imposition of martial law. The Industrial Workers of the World stratified the beginnings of collectivism and its drip-drop erosion of civil liberties. Listen as commentator Andrew Demeter travels back in time, lifts the veil, and educates you on the Second American Revolution’s roots.

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