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Marching Against Monsanto; Rallying For Our Future Thumbnail Image.

Marching Against Monsanto; Rallying For Our Future

Reported On » May 27, 2013
Archived In » PFT Global
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May 25th, 2013 — marks a historic turning point in the grassroots war against multinational biotech giant Monsanto. Spanning 435 cities in six continents worldwide, protesters are fighting for federal transparency and universal labeling of genetically-modified products. In an effort to purge the general public’s ignorance of both Monsanto and their monopolization over agricultural staples, let’s consult some fed-up activists!

Visit the website March-Against-Monsanto.com

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One Comment

  1. darlene says:

    I was there , new world march planned for august 25/2013 against geo-engineering , look it up . I will be there also , hope to see lots of people , get the word out .

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