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Agenda 21: Don’t Rationalize; Collectivize! Thumbnail Image.

Agenda 21: Don’t Rationalize; Collectivize!

Reported On » March 31, 2013
Archived In » PFT Global
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Disguised as an action-plan for ‘sustainable growth’, the U.N.’s 300-page document dubbed ‘Agenda 21′ is “erosive of American sovereignty”. This fascist agenda, introduced in 1992, outlines alleged ‘smart growth’ simplified into ‘four E’s’; Economy, Equity, Environment, and Education. The collusive globalists pulling the strings behind this ploy for global universalization are portraying their initiatives with superficiality; shrouding their hellish attributes in between the lines of this — literally — lifeless literature.

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One Comment

  1. Tom Hurst says:

    Agenda 21 has been instilled in every Municipality in Canada. Canadians are just playing Ostrich with this issue. I have read our local Councils 20 year plan and it reeks of Agenda 21. The local papers are afraid to put anything in print therefore the Mayor has the upper hand. Several local issues such as limiting access to a local Waterway and expropriating houses has already taken place. Its at a point the Mayor knows I am aware of what she is up to and she will not reply to any interest in her project. No e-mails , no faxes etc. The word “Communitarianism” comes to mind because the United Nations selected part capitalism and part Communism to enhance this agenda . Its a detail which most Canadians better wake up to before its to late. I am fully aware of ICLEI and am seeking info to find out if we have a member here. This is Ft McMurray AB. I may just attend a few meetings locally to seek if these people are attending. Americans at least have a vote on this issue.

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