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The Vaccine Resistance Movement – Setting The Record Straight Thumbnail Image.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement – Setting The Record Straight

Reported On » March 11, 2013
Archived In » Interviews, Press For Truth TV
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Today on Press For Truth TV we are joined by Joel Lord founder of the Vaccine Resistance Movement which is a “grass roots, non-profit organization striving to empower communities around the world with the means of self sufficiency, while determined to expose vaccine fraud & pharmaceutical industry malfeasance”.

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  1. Excellent interview. Good luck to Joel Lord on his Vaccine Summit Tuesday!

  2. Has no one seen the Congressional Over-site Hearings in the States last November? It was clearly disclosed that mercury was causing Autism and the CDC had relied on one study put together fraudulently by Dr.Poul Thorson, It was enlightening to watch CDC squirm in their chairs as they were asked clear direct questions by all the polititions. Their scam for bucks is up! Offit is being sued and will be held accountable for his conflict of interest. He is heavily invested in the Vaccine industry and well paid by them to pass on misinformation. There are a number of court awards which prove the vaccine connection to Autism now rendered! Anyone can do their research and find this all fact. Its time to quit injurying our children and hold those accountable. Under the current CDC schedual, a total of 4, 925 micrograms of aluminum is injected into our children’s bodies by 18 months of age, a proven neurotoxin! ANY wonder we have an explosion of learning disabled children. AND harmed adults.

    The insanjty has to stop

    • Joel Lord says:

      “Given the number of antibody-producing cells in a child’s bloodstream, and the number of immunological components contained in vaccines, it is reasonable to conclude that babies could effectively make antibodies to about 100,000 vaccines at one time.” Dr. Paul Offit worth $29-46 million in royalties from Rotatek vaccine patent

      “A vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study is unethical. There’s not an institutional review board in the world that would approve that kind of study, because we know that vaccines work, we know that if you don’t give a large number of children vaccines that some of them are going to get whooping cough or chicken pox, some of them may be hospitalized or even killed by the diseases — you can’t do that kind of study.” Dr. Paul Offit, author of ‘Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All’


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