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The Campaign To Label GMO’s In Ontario Thumbnail Image.

The Campaign To Label GMO’s In Ontario

Reported On » October 09, 2012
Archived In » Interviews, Press For Truth TV
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As more and more evidence continues to come forward which suggests that genetically modified organisms may have adverse health effects on humans, people all over the world are becoming aware of this and are launching initiatives to force Monsanto to label their GMO’s. Today on Press For Truth TV we’re speaking with Zachary Schieck who has launched a campaign to have all GMO’s labeled in every grocery store in Ontario.

Sign the petition at labelgmos.net

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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    The powers that be think they are above the law. Just look up Georgia guide stones and they have a plan in place to depopulate the world. You think they care, not at all. Along side GMO,S are numerous other toxins they try to feed us. Support local market gardens and Farmers because we cannot trust the stores to look into this matter. Our so called Democracy is no longer a Democratic government at all. Also they push Democracy in the U.S.A and they are a Republic. Democracy will destroy itself and that is why we are a so-called Democratic country. GMO’S are just a stepping stone considering all the other poisons we ingest including the Medical community, Automobile industry, Commerce in general and religion for another personal attack. Its a Satanic agenda at best.

  2. I tried to sign petition, link did not work. We have to fight this, we do not have democracy we have corporate dictatorship I found cars should be getting 5 times the fuel mileage, but shelved by oil companies, please see and share http://www.himacresearch.com wwwbyromwine.com http://www.rexresearch.com

  3. Jonathan says:

    show me where the doted line is.. I’LL SIGN!!! And get everyone I know to sign as well!!! LET’S GET THIS GOING!!!

  4. Zach – I am in Ontario as well and online petitions will NOT do anything. It must be legal…. meaning it must be on paper with original signatures. The wording on it must be provided by an MPP and an MPP must present these to Queen’s Park. I will get in touch via FB as this is something that is very important!

  5. WRCU2 says:

    IT was wonderful to see Infowars feature your video. Cheers from Hamilton Ontario!

  6. Karen Sandford says:

    I have watched Genetic Roulette a number of times. It is, in my opinion, a very important video. This morning I saw Danny DeVito’s small video about GMO and the movement to label in California. It’s great! We would do well to have such a video in Canada. We are so ignorant about this issue.

  7. Phawk says:

    Great quote: “How far do you go = How much do you care?”

  8. Alex Jones ontario, Canada says:

    Dear Dan,

    Thank you very much for making your movies and posting on your website your video blogs. I just recently watched your documentary movie into the fire. I think you did a fantastic job, but I am saddened to see that that was allowed to happen in my country. I do love my country but I hate what my government is doing to it.

    Within regards to GMOS, vaccinations, sodium fluoride, chlorine and other harmful chemicals that are put into the water and our food. I do have to ask are these chemicals a violation of section 7 of the charter of rights and freedoms? Which is:

    Life, liberty and security of person.
    7. Everyone has the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

    Because we do know that the GMOS and the round up that was fed to the rats in the French study caused tennis ball sized tumors and death later on. I would like to back up my statement with a quote from the report on GMO’S.

    It goes on to say: “The animals on the GM diet suffered mammary tumors, as well as severe liver and kidney damage. The researchers said 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.”

    So with the evidence of the pictures of the rats from the study and that quote proving that GMOS do cause death and major liver and kidney damage would that not prove that GMO’S are a violation of section 7? Also vaccinations are harmful to your health and can lead to allergic reactions; the list goes on why you should refuse to get vaccinated. Also sodium fluoride and the other chemicals that they put into the water lead to cancer and the lowering of IQ levels.

  9. Karen Lehnen says:

    I would like a future without Genetically Modified Foods on the grocery shelves, in markets & in our diets. Until we reach this ideal PLEASE label foods that contain GMO foods in their ingredients .

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