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Health Canada Lawsuit And Big Pharma Exposed Thumbnail Image.

Health Canada Lawsuit And Big Pharma Exposed

Reported On » November 12, 2012
Archived In » Interviews
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Today on Press For Truth TV we are joined by Terry Wilson of CanadianAwareness.org to discuss the latest class action lawsuit involving Health Canada and their suppression of natural health remedies. While big pharma continues to push unnecessary drugs on the population which often comes with dangerous side effects, the plaintiffs in this case are seeking to restrict Health Canada’s ability to block and suppress a number of natural remedies which have cured people for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Press Conference For Lawsuit Against Health Canada

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  1. Marilyn Maxwell says:

    I am chemically sensitive. I have asthma, migraine, and fibromyalgia. I am sensitive to chemicals, additives, fillers, and preservatives in foods and drugs. I also am sensitive to chemical fumes in our environment. I benefit greatly from organic foods, natural products and vitamin therapy for optimum health. I suffered from migraine for years until I began eating organic and using natural products and got relief.
    The fact is that natural medicine has been around for over 5,000 years; compared to modern medicine which has only been around for the last one hundred years. Our medical doctors are taught nothing of healing through nature and eating clean. Food and Drug laws that allow pesticides, chemicals, fillers, and additives in our food and drugs are dangerous and unethical. We should not have to pay more for good clean food, such as organic; this should just be regular food. Our system is backward and unhealthy. Keeping people sick has been big business and greed has influenced our society over health. I say shame on the government and the food and drug laws, the food industry, the drug corporations, the medical society, scientists and charities for not speaking out and standing up for clean healthy food, humane treatment of animals, natural products and a chemical free environment. In a democratic society we should have a choice of using natural products which are safe under our food and drug laws in Canada.

    • Lothar Hoelzel says:

      Marilyn, as I am studying the subject of health and well being it appears to me that the simplest and most inexpensive help and information is so difficult to come by. I find that just as your condition and others have very simple solutions without this continuous suffering and without these unnecessary expenses. I am angered for having lost our natural sensibility as to how our body functions can be recovered. The Natural Health Industry has not helped a whole lot in educating us. It is still way to expensive to deal with a condition such as yours and others.

      • Connie Wallace says:


        I do not know if I am responding to a Lothar that used to live in Oshawa, Ontario or not. If it is you had a friend by the name of Herman and Hans. You had a wife who was a teacher. If you are that person and if you like please respond to Connie at (780)948-0922 or (780)619-9441.

        Connie Wallace ( this message is for Lothar only)

    • Curtis M. says:

      Great post. I agree 100% and say the same things all the time. I totally agree with your comment about organic just being called food. The bad food with all the modifications and additives should be called something other then food.

  2. Wendy says:

    Please encourage people to donate to the cost of this court action support the Natural Health Freedom Canada and help stop Health Canada before we go the way of Europe.

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