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Dan Dicks Interviews Stefan Molyneux On Anarchy And The Non Aggression Principle Thumbnail Image.

Dan Dicks Interviews Stefan Molyneux On Anarchy And The Non Aggression Principle

Reported On » November 10, 2013
Archived In » Featured Videos, Interviews
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In this Press For Truth interview Dan Dicks speaks with Stefan Molyneux on the philosophical aspects of anarchism and the move towards eliminating the initiation of force through the non aggression principle.

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  1. Khannea SunTzu says:

    If I try and live my life in peace, bothering no one, and a little while later prices for commodities go up because someone decided to commidify most of the natural world that is implicit aggression. If I get displaced from having a normal job income because some corporation invests heavily in automated systems, laying of an ever increasing percentage of the population, that is agression.

    Democracy was invented as a measure against tyranny. Democracy gives people a voice, and it allows for voters to appoint a neutral arbiter to redistribute. And redistribute we the people will do, until you tear these democratic rights from our cold dead hands.

    If you have a better alternative that does not leave common people huddled together homeless, starving, unemployable, shell-shocked, exploited and marginalized I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT PETER. Unless you do don’t bother me with your market fundamentalism.

    No we don’t care about a crash, largely because we don’t have a choice. We harvest while we can. Better to rule in democratic nanny state Hell, because we can’t believe in your libertarian Heaven.

    Convince me Peter. Convince I’d be better off if your free markets were unleashed on the world. Convince me this time around it would actually work.

    • jim fisher says:

      We out number the bad guys by a whole lot. But we make ourselves helpless by voting against our own best interests. We allow ourselves to be divided by the oligarch media continuous repetition of fear mongering messages. The reason I know there is only one party is because “both” parties use the same fear mongering crap on us.

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