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Canadian 9/11 Petition And The Need For Justice Thumbnail Image.

Canadian 9/11 Petition And The Need For Justice

Reported On » December 18, 2012
Archived In » Interviews
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Today on Press For Truth TV we are joined by Tyrone Drummond to talk about the Canadian led initiative to have an investigation into the events of September 11th. This campaign seeks to present a petition which has gathered 1400 signatures to be read in Parliament. 24 Canadians died in the attacks and many more Canadian lives have been lost in Afghanistan and we will not let up until justice has been served.

Canadian 9/11 Petition: History, Follow Up With Paul Dewar And Future (feat.WAC OTTAWA)

For more info visit 911justicecanada.ca

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  1. Simon naylor says:

    How can people sign the petition? I’m not seeing any information anywhere telling people how they can actually sign it (or why it can no longer be signed). Please include a link and directions, if you can Dan, so viewers or visitors to the site can easily access it. (Some people will com here wanting to quickly sign it, and not necessarily watch the video).

    • Colleen Ross says:

      Simon, the reason you can’t find the petition on-line is because it was a paper petition. Electronic petitions are not accepted by Canadian Parliament so if you want it brought before Parliament it has to be in paper form and originally signed by supporters.

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