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911 Truth At The Super Bowl With Matt Mills on Press For Truth! Thumbnail Image.

911 Truth At The Super Bowl With Matt Mills on Press For Truth!

Reported On » February 04, 2014
Archived In » 911 Extensive Coverage, Featured Videos, Interviews
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Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Matt Mills, the man who took over the super bowl press conference with a message of 911 truth! When it comes to 911 truth the mainstream media has failed miserably and it is now up to citizen journalists like Matt Mills to bring 911 truth to the forefront of American culture. While the public is being dumbed down and distracted by the spectacle that is the super bowl Mills used the systems own propaganda tool to reach millions of people with his message of 911 truth!

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  1. John Milles says:

    maybe people like the Homeland security officer, NYPD officer, the receptionist at the south tower, Miss Ting who was the receptionist at The Marriott Hotel. these people were all contacted by a UK citizen who had worked out that there was going to be an attack on the towers !! 3 muslims walked into his shop in Lancashire UK , 2 looked around the shop and 1 spoke about what was going to happen but spoke in riddles ! the shop owner had the for-site to turn on the security camera before the 3 men left. this video tape was stolen 3 years later and the stills were sold to the media for large amounts of money as they were the only images of the hijackers!! It took the owner a few days to work out what the riddles meant , but when he did he notified his local police station who said it was empty words, they got many such threats and nothing ever came from them. the shop owner believed the way the hijacker said what he said and the passion he said it with was no empty threat. the shop owner asked to be put through to some one higher, who might be able to help him, he was put through to the homeland security. they basically said the same as the local police but there was an urgency to the homeland security officer which made the shop owner believe there was more to what he was being told !! he then rang then NYPD, The receptionist at the south tower, Miss Ting at the Marriott Hotel and the now late Mr JW Marriott !! shortly after the shop owner spoke to Mr Marriott, Mr Marriott put up his insurance premiums !! the truth is there people just need to look in the right places !!!! please share the truth !!

  2. TG says:

    All this over the top security at public events… airports and where ever… are nothing more than a display of force that is blown out of proportion… like the steroid monkeys pumping iron and breaking poses on Venice Beach

  3. Noorie says:

    Well played Miller

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