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The Collaps of America and the coming NAU Thumbnail Image.

The Collaps of America and the coming NAU

Reported On » June 08, 2013
Archived In » Bilderberg Extensive Coverage, Featured Videos
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Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall is in attendance at the 2013 Bilderberg conference along with Frank Mckenna Deputy Chairman of the Toronto-Dominion Bank and former Canadian Ambassador to the US from 2005 to 2006. Mckenna was appointed as ambassador in 05 by Paul Martin (Bilderberg member) the same year that Martin signed the SPP which is the precursor to the North American Leaders Summit. While the US is strife with controversy and the Canadian economy is on the loom of a collapse this may present the opportunity for the formation of a North American Union which has been on the Bilderberg groups agenda for years.

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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    The most important thing is America and Canada are brother nations and getting into a pi–ing match serves no useful purpose. The planned Global Government is not controlled by our people as you all know we had no input into those affairs. America’s demise is planned just like our own Government has planned to keep us in Austerity under Agenda 21. The desire to control this world is done by the so called Elite who are robbing us blind to make us poor along side our American brothers. Its totalitarian control so they have a ready supply of slaves to do their bidding which is the goal. Keep us poor , broke and on welfare so they have the ultimate control of our lives. As anyone knows our laws are being circumvented to destroy any semblance of freedom and Liberty . Destroying the family is a start but destroying our Faith is the basis of our lives. Its the same in the U.S.A.right this minute also. We are controlled by base men with base minds whose evil formulae is the proof. The evil is increasing as we speak. Like it or not they will win for a short season then Hell is coming down on them. Its called the Great day of the Creator whose anger is getting hotter as we speak. This valuable Bible most of us hate is our Salvation. That’s our only reprieve is belief in our benevolent Creator trust that and find out what’s coming. The evil Satanic plan is just that, a plan.

  2. Terry Black says:

    Brad Wall is an Independent Premiere of Saskatchewan Dan, not Manitoba! Greg Sellinger is the NDP Premiere of Manitoba! Currently overspent his budget and wanting to add 1% more to the PST in Manitoba! Hopefully this crook will be booted out on the next Manitoba election as well1

  3. kyle says:

    Keep it up Dan, Expose them for who they are. You are making the human race proud!

  4. gerard says:

    What Is America?
    http://youtu.be/ZnEwyQZHezU?hd=1 Ronald Wright

    A Short History of the New World Order
    Allan Gregg interview with Ronald Wright

  5. gerard says:

    “to become Prime Minister of Canada, you have to be friendly to the United States…”

    William Lyon Mackenzie King realized that “the ultimate American objective was complete control of the continent… and that ‘free trade’ would be the first step toward the end of Canadian sovereignty”

    Kent Martin (1986)

    In Bed with the Elephant

  6. Mike says:

    Hey Dan,

    I love your reporting and press for truth but… I got to tell you something and please don’t take offence to this… You got to ditch the eyebrow ring. No one can take you as a serious journalist. You don’t see Tom Brokaw with one do you?
    Just sayin….
    College is over man.

  7. eroom says:

    Francis McKenna, was Premier of New Brunswick.

    In the east he’s been touted as the Priemier of an amalgamted Martime province.

  8. eroom says:

    Brad Whal is the Priemer of Saskatchewan.

    The most resource rich province in Canada. Coal, Oil, bulk grain/seed Agriculture, Potash and most importantly Uranium.

  9. Ross says:

    Did you get a chance to interview Max Keiser, David Icke or Alex Zones? Would love to see some more from you and those guys. Cheers

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