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Justin Trudeau on Bilderberg Thumbnail Image.

Justin Trudeau on Bilderberg

Reported On » October 12, 2012
Archived In » Featured Videos, Video Reports
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On Wednesday October 10th I attended a meet and greet with Justin Trudeau at the Sheraton Hotel to ask him about the Bilderberg group and whether or not he would attend…apparently that’s not an appropriate question to ask a potential liberal leader…

A big shout out to Anthony from Canadian Awareness Network for questioning Trudeau on water fluoridation.

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  1. i have heard this before but can’t recall where i did, still interesting though,

  2. Canadians have in the past and continue to this day made uneducated political choices. Many among the puppets we chose have and had allegiance to a One World Governance regime, positioning Canada as a significant if not major player. Many Canadians are to be counted among the Global elites, such as :

    CFR – TC member: Paul Desmarais Sr.
    Global warming and UN food for Oil scandal initiator: Maurice Strong
    Bank for International settlements board member: Mark Carney
    Political Manchurian: Pierre Elliot Trudeau
    G20 founder: Paul martin

    …Just to name a few.

    Canadians generally are in the dark when it comes to our National and Geopolitical political agenda

    this is all very disturbing…

  3. Chrissie says:

    There are only 2 ways Justin can go here. He can either be Barack Obama and a mouthpiece for a bunch of scumbags, or he can be JFK, who became president and fought the establishment.

  4. mPaura says:

    Justin Trudeau WILL be the next leader of the Liberal party. And then the next liberal PM. He is a globalist. His blatant ‘it’s not about me it’s about you’ BS sounds like he has the Obama speech writers directing him.
    You can bet on it. He is being handled and directed by globalists.

  5. Jean-Francois Turmel says:

    It is one of the most important question to ask, if he is influenced by this secret society like his father who was among the bilderberger group, canadians could be subordinated to authorities of this society who are americans and english from england notably, possessing nuclear weapons, not behaving in the interest of canadians but of these foreign authorities, canadians should insist to have a response on the topic from all canadian politicians members of the society, harper, notably, possibly a son of john fitzgerald kennedy and a canadian prostitute, jfk member of the society, like all presidents of usa for decades.

  6. Dale Barry says:

    Since were on the Trudeau thing, He’s already shot himself in the foot with his 2010 comments and lately his comment on Alberta. His father gave the finger to Alberta on the National energy program back in the 70′s and showed his lack of cohesion for the whole country. His son is a chip off the old block with half the brain power and not near as calculated. Thats a good thing and easy to detect. Another puppet for the controllers.

  7. Doc says:

    Too many people decided they were going to vote for Trudeau before he announced he was even running or his stance on anything… they are literally voting for the Trudeau name

  8. BlueKnight says:

    There are a few good questions that cut thru the crap and reveal the candidate for who they are, and the Bilderberg question and fluoridation are two of the best. Nice job here for revealing Trudeau as just another schmuck promising things he won’t deliver on.

  9. Irwin Nobody says:

    Like (I believe) ALL others, it’s simply another face of false hope. Get people to hope for change (where have we heard that before?) while nothing changes and the machine grinds on…grinds the masses into a fine powder.

    It’s amazing how brainwashed people truly are.

    There are only two ways I can see that real change would come. The first is through uprising of the sort that fails all over the world. The second is convincing the whole of every day people to stop participating in the system and start participation with each other.

    Neither is likely to succeed but I still hope for the second option.

  10. I AM NOT A NAME says:

    Looks like more of the same crap to me. No time for questions about bilderburg, No research on fluoride (Aushwitz moron). NO VOTE FOR YOU. WHERE ARE DIEFENBAKERS KIDS!

  11. Logan Anderson says:

    I believe that Justin Trudeau is just a manifestation of his father. Another pretty face to spread their lies. It really shows in his interviews.

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