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Former Canadian Prime Minister Confronted On Bilderberg 2014! Thumbnail Image.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Confronted On Bilderberg 2014!

Reported On » April 11, 2014
Archived In » Featured Videos
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In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin about his involvement with the Bilderberg group and why he thinks they are so secret.

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  1. Tom Hurst says:

    The one thing they cannot handle is direct questions affecting their pet project. Its hard to get a reply from Ottawa because the jig is up and Canadians are asking hard questions which they do not like. I say tough if you cannot reply then who are you representing , Canadians or the United Nations Rio agenda 21?? You cannot depend on getting the truth from them. I have tried to get some info from them and they stone wall to avoid answering .Lots of spin but no direct replies. They try to do a 360 spin which is no reply at all. Almost like the lies they tell about immigration, no truth at all. Thanks Dan and for my part I will continue to ask hard questions from here.

  2. booboi says:

    Great work, you are the canadian hammer that is driving the nail of truth do not stop, we need for all canadians to wake up. Thank you

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