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Charlie Skelton on Journalism and the future of Bilderberg Thumbnail Image.

Charlie Skelton on Journalism and the future of Bilderberg

Reported On » June 07, 2013
Archived In » Bilderberg Extensive Coverage, Featured Videos
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As a journalist for The London Guardian Charlie Skelton has been documenting and writing about the Bilderberg group for years. In this interview Charlie breaks down the mainstream media’s reaction to Bilderberg and what the future of journalism may mean for the organization.

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  1. Oni says:

    A bit after half through, did you catch a sort of o bnoxious long winded beep? Tis likely nothing, and the editor may have caught it, but on the off chance.; doesn’t hurt to bring it to attention

  2. Alberta Liberty says:

    Yes these conferences involve public figures payed for by public tax money, therefore the content should be made public.

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