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Bilderberg Fringe Fest 2013 Thumbnail Image.

Bilderberg Fringe Fest 2013

Reported On » June 07, 2013
Archived In » Bilderberg Extensive Coverage, Featured Videos
Comments On This Story » 4 Comments

Press For Truth interviews with organizers, protesters and politicians on the second day of the Bilderberg 2013 conference.

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  1. jo says:

    Silky Carlo has a very strange background, appearing in a few Channel 4 game shows? Dated Charlie (shill) Veitch. I also understand her father in quite high-up in the banking world – and she arranges this festival???

  2. Adam says:

    I think it’s good. It will bring more public attention to the story of Bilderberg and raise its awareness. The only problem is it also brings attention to the general kookiness of some of the conspiratards like Alex Jones and others. I saw an interview with a former British MP this morning. We need to hear more from people like him and less from nuts like Jones.

    • Joe says:

      Adam, really? So you are going to sit there and bash Alex? Get off the high horse and join the rest of the people in this fight together. We don’t need anymore infighting between groups of liberty minded organizations. Alex has done an immensely great job exposing the criminals over they years. I am not some Alex fan boy or anything, I am simply asking everyone to quit whining about whos this and whos that. Lets come together for once and put aside all speculation about “kookiness”. Dan Great job my man.

    • Alberta Liberty says:

      However we here it, or from whomever we here it, as long as it is truth I care little how eloquent or rough it is as long as its the truth, That has everything to do with it. Whats of more use the content of the speech or the manner of presentation. Sounds like you can be sold a fridge even if you live in antarctica provided the salesman selling it was eloquent enough.

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