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Bilderberg 2013 with Dan Dicks in London England Thumbnail Image.

Bilderberg 2013 with Dan Dicks in London England

Reported On » May 31, 2013
Archived In » Bilderberg Extensive Coverage, Featured Videos
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It’s official! Press For Truth’s Dan Dicks will be in London England to cover the annual Bilderberg conference from June 6th to June 9th! Stay tuned to pressfortruth.ca for extensive coverage from the PFT prospective!

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  1. Alberta Liberty says:

    Low and behold, if this ain’t timing on the local news. Redford discusses moving our bichamin? Keystone (oil) to New Brunswick. What the%$^#
    No mention of the American Keystone deal though. Strange, very strange. I guess when they tell their puppets to clam up they better pay attention…….

  2. Alberta Liberty says:

    Would be biggest world oil merger agreed at bilderberg 2013
    Last year Alberta Premier Redford was invited to bilderberg 2012 Virgina on our tax dollar by the way. I have to think she was told to keep quiet about Keystone because its rarely discussed and if it is its just put off by Obama for a discussion way down the road. Gotta believe Soros and Buffet are enjoying us taking it to the US, Canadian border and them shipping it by train to the west coast and off to china:(

  3. Chris says:

    Just for the record the Grove is in Watford Hertfordshire not London
    Loverley country part or town.
    TBH never heard of Bilderberg until it hit our town

  4. Bruce says:

    Godspeed BTW Dan!

  5. Bruce says:

    Bilderberg to Steal 45% of the Worlds Potash Reseves From Canada?

    An Iteresting thing happened within hours of this years Bilderberg participants list being releashed. The Premiere of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, had to admit withing a couple hours that he will be attending via Twitter. My how far we have come, these meeting a decade ago were highly secret.

    Wall is going with the open approach, he spoke to the CBC proclaiming how eager he was to get Henry Kissenger’s ear to wheel and deal Canada’s potash to China. All behind closed doors and with out input from Canadians or Saskachewonions. Saskachwaneites? Saskatchiwioniagons? Whatever. It is certainly not an open or transparent forum. So the fact that they are meeting is not secret. Just the winks and nudges about what to do with worldwide taxes and resources. No big deal.

    The CBC has him quoted as saying: “I think there is some pretty good questions that Saskatchewan can ask of Dr. Kissenger.” Adding “When you have 45 per cent or so of the world’s potash reserves, a world tht increasingly needs tto grow more food, where emerging economies like China and Indian have a growing middle class and wan higher protien intensities in their diet, we have he fertilizer and the food.”

    Of course these are the Kingmakers. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, the list goes on and on. Perhaps Kissinger will win Canada’s potash in form of a poker chip.

    Perhaps he wheels an deals to be a replacement for Harper?

    We will never really know all.

  6. murray jupp says:

    What the hell, where does it end? these corporations are taking and ruining lives in every sector I can think of and for what, when is enough enough? its so hard to have faith in the people that have been given the power to make things better, it makes me so angry, they have no right, take them all out I say.

  7. Lee Hamilton says:

    Best of luck to you Dan

  8. Western Canadian says:

    Say Hi to Jones and Watson from us Canadians Dan :)

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