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The 12th Anniversary of 911 with Press For Truth! Thumbnail Image.

The 12th Anniversary of 911 with Press For Truth!

Reported On » September 08, 2013
Archived In » 911 Extensive Coverage
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On this 12th anniversary of the attacks of September 11 2001 join Dan Dicks of Press For Truth at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto at 5:20pm! Get your copy of “The Toronto Hearings on 911″ on DVD and help spread the truth!

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Get “The Toronto Hearings on 911 – Uncovering 10 Years Of Deception” on DVD

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  1. Stuart Deakin says:

    Read the article on Operation Northwoods in response to the remark regarding planes being an optical illusion. They certainly weren’t an optical illusion.

    The operation I refer to was almost implemented only to be halted by Secretary of Defense McNamara. This will show how factions of government are capable of planning attacks and pinning them on ‘enemies’ – the formerly classified document which was declassified and made available via the US National Archives talks about remote controlled jet liners blowing up near Cuba and other suggested operations to gain public support for action against Cuba. Really interesting stuff.

  2. Stuart Deakin says:

    In response to the question what does Canada and the Canadian Parliament have to do with 9/11 is for a number of reasons 1. Candian forces were sent to Afghanistan based on the official line with many lives lost 2. A massacre took place in Afghanistan quickly followed up by another massacre in 3. Iraq. – Canada is jointly responsible for this although the US and the UK have lead the way 4. Many of the laws passed over the years have been diretly influenced by 9/11 – much of these laws are extreme in nature and in any right thinking mind are above and beyond rational thought.
    It is certainly relevant and there is much more to this than meets the eye outwith the 9/11 events. If you believe in having a democracy then you should not take certain things for granted i.e. you can’t stand idly by if you want to maintain the freedoms we currently enjoy. The point I am making is that certain individuals and groups are getting too powerful and unbelievably corrupt – events have been used for economic gain as well as geopolitical advances.
    The world has changed significantly since those events, war has ensued and is continuing and it now appears that other countries are in the crosshairs – where does it end and how much of a threat is there? Bin Laden himself distances himself from the 9/11 attacks – if he funded and planned the operation why wouldn’t he take credit? Somthing needs to change and a push for a new independant investigation is one of many acts that can try and bring about that/those change(s).

  3. mercan says:

    What the hell does Canada and the Canadian Parliament have to do with 9/11? Hello, it happened in New York…

  4. Dave cerone says:

    If you want the truth of what happened on 911 – get ahold of a book by Dr. Judy Wood entitled “Where Did The Towers Go?” . evidence of directed free energy technology. The planes didn’t take down the towers and it wasn’t controlled demolition – there is another technology at play here and it has been weaponized. We seem to be stuck on only two possible senierios when we should be thinking outside the box when those two don’t fit. Government secret technology turned those buildings to dust and this book proves it. Do yourself a favor and go read it – the truth will set you free.

  5. kombizz says:

    Wasn’t a False Flag?

  6. xxeinstein says:

    Stop wasting time digging up old shit.. I know and I Dont care. Gov fucks up more then just building.. Worry about something else more relevant…

  7. Awesome overview. Wish all those Ad spaces were filled with Rethink 9/11 and a call for the Canadian Petition for a new investigation into 9/11 to be read into Parliament. .

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